Geothermal power generation is expected to become a major source of renewable energy due to its low cost and a stable supply.

Electricity output from wind and solar power is easily affected by the weather and time of day. But geothermal power isn't. It is very consistent.

Cost for geothermal power generation is ¥9.2-11.6/kw, whereas ¥30.1-45.8 for solar power and ¥9.9-17.3 for wind power. (Yomiuri, Feb 22, 2013)


Renewable Energy (再生可能エネルギー)

Japan possesses rich geothermal resources as a volcanic nation. It is said that the storage of geothermal energy resources in Japan is the world's third-largest following the United States and Indonesia. Power output is equivalent to about 23,500 megawatts.

But relating installed geothermal electric capacity, Japan is the 8th and capacity is 536 megawatts in 2010. Only 17 geothermal plants are currently in operation in Japan.

The United States is the highest geothermal electricity producer with 3086 MW of installed capacity from 77 power plants (most of them in California). The Philippines is the second highest, with 1,904MW of capacity online. Geothermal power makes up approximately 18% of Philippines electricity generation. (Wikipedia, Feb, 2013)

2) Geothermal Power Gerneration (地熱発電)


  geothermal power generation    地熱発電  
  hot dry rock geothermal power    高温岩体発電  
  store [storage] of geothermal    energy resources     地熱資源量  
  installed geothermal electric capacity    (実際の)
  generate electricity ~エれクトスィティ 発電する  
   energy efficiency    エネルギー効率  
   electricity supply エれクトスィティ  電力供給  
  the maximum output 最大出力
  sought-after technology   需要の多い技術  
  the Nature Parks Law   自然公園法  
  naional and quasi-national parks クゥエイザイ 国立国定公園
  Special Protection Zones 特別保護地区 動植物捕獲禁止
  Special Zones 特別地域 樹木伐採・土地改変制限
  Ordinary Zones 普通地域 風景の保護
  Marine Park Zones    海域公園地区  海中生物・海底地形が優れた地区 

地熱発電の費用は、1キロワットあたり¥9.2~11.6です。一方、太陽光発電は¥30.1~45.8、風力発電は¥9.9~17.3です。 (2013年2月22日読売新聞)